A park with a significant housing mix and activities for various target groups

Schiedam, The Netherlands

With 132 homes, an activity hub for all target groups and a variety of spaces for getting together, we are creating a park in a vulnerable neighbourhood where the buildings are the guests..

Client: BEMOG Projektontwikkeling
Year: 2020 – today
Partner: Kickstad, Van Delft Infra, idverde, M3E, H4D, Hazenberg , Deltares, BIM4ALL
Status: In development
Type: Urban plan, development plan
Location: Nieuwland, Schiedam
Program: 141 dwellings, 270 m² social program
Urban planning: ECHO urban design
Landscape design: ECHO urban design
Architecture: KOW Architecten
Our resonance

Redesigning existing social qualities

We divided the housing into five blocks, a translation of the surrounding architecture in which nature inclusiveness and timber construction are essential. The parking is located underground, underneath the blocks, giving the landscape plenty of space as it stretches across the parking garage. On the one hand, this creates a well-traversable area, and, on the other hand, it clarifies the divisions between public and private spaces. The park will feature dedicated spaces around the buildings for the different target groups, such as a playground, a sports field, a food garden and a wadi. This place forms the heart of the Nieuwland district.

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