Integrating a new residential neighbourhood and sports facilities into one plan where sports, housing and recreation are designed to form an integrated landscape

Swanla Driehoek
Zuidplas, The Netherlands

The town’s expansion with 212 houses in a mix of different housing forms was inspired by the immediate surroundings: the existing outskirts of the town, the greenhouses and the open landscape. The tennis club, football club and BMX track are accessible through the landscaped park.

Client: Synchroon
Year: 2019 – today
Partner: Municipality of Zuidplas, WaalPartners, AenF Visuals
Status: In development
Type: Urban plan, development plan
Location: Zevenhuizen, Zuidplas
Surface area:
Program: 212 dwellings, soccer- and tennis fields and future sports hall
Urban planning: ECHO urban design
Landscape design: ECHO urban design
Architecture: Architectuur Maken
Our resonance

The integration of the sports park and residential area into one plan.

We integrated the neighbourhood and sports facilities by widening the park wedge. This results in a cosy park within the community, serving the surrounding homes. At the border of the neighbourhood and sports facilities, the wedge is wide, giving it a public character and doing justice to the sports facilities. We thereby create a communal habitat in the large park section and distance between the homes and sports facilities. The fronts of the houses face the four high-quality outdoor spaces. The rear gardens border the residential streets, which are given a functional character to accommodate car access and parking – cars are out of sight, and the landscape forms a connecting layer in the plan.

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