It’s not just a design we make; we design strategically

Margot Overvoorde has been working as a designer at ECHO since completing the 'Spatial Traineeship Rotterdam'. 'As a landscape architect, I focus on creating green, biodiverse, cool and healthy public spaces on a human scale.'

What I find particularly interesting about working at ECHO — and I hadn’t thought of it like that before I started — is the integrated approach to the projects. I thought the projects would focus more on urban planning, but Urban Planning and Landscape are truly fused in our designs. I work on different kinds of landscaping assignments, such as spatial visions on a large scale, but also the greening of urban public spaces, living in landscapes and rooftop parks. And we don’t just produce a design; we design strategically. In fact, the tasks are often not yet fully defined, which leaves a lot of room and freedom to look beyond the planning boundary. Together with our clients and stakeholders, we then fine-tune the assignment, reformulate, and lift the plan and, with it, the ambitions to an even higher level. We are not only the designers but also the genuine connecting link and sparring partner on a project.

Within the projects, we work together in teams with a project leader and both urban and landscape designers.We sketch, formulate plan essences and make design choices in studios. That allows plenty of room and freedom for inspiration and ideas from everyone involved, creating a great atmosphere and an enthusiastic and motivated team.

There is room within the company to develop personally and professionally. For example, I really enjoy teaching, and, by mutual agreement, I am able to combine this with my work. But I would also like to be able to develop further within the company. I hope that a senior Landscape Architect will join our team from whom I can learn a lot more about the profession and methods, someone with lots of knowledge and experience. Someone who encourages me to become an even better designer. That is why I am keenly looking forward to our team’s growth and, therefore also, my personal growth.