OUR urban design studio comprises multiple specialisations and disciplines at the core

Robbert Jan van der Veen

Partner + Urbanist

Our fearless leader and our most experienced designer when it comes to highly complex urban environments. Robbert Jan contributes design his design input to all our projects

Koen de Boo

Partner + Urbanist

Koen translates long-term policy goals into concrete project ambitions. He utilises his broad network to make valuable connections between different players in the field of urban design. 

Floor Marree

Project Leader & Teamcaptain

As a native of Rotterdam, a love of urban dynamics is in her DNA. With years of experience in area development, Floor brings focus to a plan and to the team by connecting the various tasks and everyone’s interests.

Nora Prins

Senior Project Leader & Teamcaptain

Nora has a preference for developments and processes in the dynamic urban area. Due to her sharp eye and environmental awareness, she is well able to translate signals into new projects and concrete actions.

Wesley den Herder

Project leader; Urban Designer

Wesley excels at convincing people to think outside the box, which leads to innovative and surprising designs. He elevates plans to a higher quality level without having to compromise on pre-set conditions.

Rick Schoonderbeek

Projectleader; Urban Designer

Rick is fascinated by people and nature and prefers to move about a city with a green environment. Our integrated approach to projects challenges him to think about current and future themes and combinations of city, nature and people

Esmee Bais

Senior Designer; Architect

Esmee her specialty as a Senior Designer is a crossover between architecture and urban design, how these two intertwine and reinforce each other. She is focussed on relating/connecting the human scale to every level of a project.

Nora Kooijmans

Senior Designer; Landscape Architect

With a strong thesis on climate adaption under her belt, Nora now uses her knowledge in all our projects to make them climate and future resilient. 

Lisa Wentink

Office Manager

Lisa is the linchpin in our organisation. With her creative background, her drive to create structure and her personal and social touch, she makes sure our team has everything they need.

Nathalie Smeding

HR Manager

With a long history at ECHO Urban Design, Nathalie understands our (work)culture like no one else. She listens to and helps the team in their everyday challenges, and ensures the best people join our team. 

Abel Coenen

Designer; Landscape Architect

Rooted in landscape architecture, Abel is a vision and image maker who carves out the starting point for a number of our designs.

Lieke Marijnissen

Designer; Urban Design

As an urbanist, Lieke is interested in environmental psychology and contributes her knowledge on social safe design to the projects.

Margot Overvoorde

Designer; Landscape Architect

Margot is at her best when she can design good places for people with a positive impact on nature. Her creative design contributes to a sustainable future, and she has turned convincing people to join her into an art form.

Menno de Roode

Assistant Urban Designer & Landscape Architect

Menno is inspired by the ability to approach increasingly complex tasks integrally. With his fascination of the interaction between man and nature and his creative design, he improves the living environment and is not afraid to dive into the deep end.

Anna Kozera

Assistant Urban Designer

Anna is influenced by bioregional philosophy, claiming that local cultures are more sustainable in working with the local conditions of their land and ecosystems. Anna’s strength is to analyse context which brings a lot of unique sustainable solutions.

Phoebe van Cauwenberge

Assistant Designer; Landscape Architect

With her great love for plants, Phoebe contributes daily to realize a better en greener living environment. She likes to surprise us with the non-obvious, small details in a design and starts every day with a smile.

Ilse Ivora de Jong

Assistant Designer; Architect

With a great love for all things involving city and mobility, Ilse puts her architectural background to work during the vision-making phase.

Sanne Francissen


Sanne graduated at Delft University of Technology; Msc. Architecture, Urbanism and Building sciences and is now following the spatial traineeship at ECHO.

Martijn Veldhuizen


Martijn is studying at the HZ University of Applied Sciences; Water Resources Engineering.

Melissa Romero


Melissa is studying at the Academie van bouwkunst Amsterdam; Master’s degree, Urbanism.

Janneke Vooijs


Janneke is studying at the Wageningen University & Research; Landscape Architecture.

Stan Gielen


Stan is studying at the Breda University of Applied Sciences; Built Environment with a specialization in Urban Design.


We always have space for talented new designers! That is, if you are curiou, ambitious and competent, have perseverance and an eager-to-learn attitude.