Meet Sanne our trainee from the Spatial Traineeship Rotterdam

"The different ways people experience the living environment fascinates me. Some are very aware of it, others are not. I like to contribute to a healthy, sustainable living environment for all users: humans, animals and nature alike. In design, I look at how we can arrange our cities so that the impact on the environment is minimal and, above all, it contributes to the quality of life, especially in the longer term."

Sanne decided to follow the Spatial Traineeship Rotterdam after graduating from TU Delft. A great opportunity to get to know different sides of the profession! In two years, she works as an urban designer at various organisations. At the same time, she follows the Professional Experience Programme (PEP). Since March, Sanne has been working at ECHO.

“Over the past period, I have had the chance to dive into different design briefs, which makes for a lot of variety in the work. For example, one day I am working on an international competition and the next day on plot passports or on a transformation assignment to future-proof an existing neighbourhood. This is challenging and fun at the same time, precisely because we work in teams with different disciplines. As a result, there is a lot to learn at ECHO!”