We create future-proof places at ECHO

'You always come across our work; on the train ride home, while cycling to the supermarket, or while running through the park.'

Nora Kooijmans, designer at ECHO urban design continues: As a designer, you are therefore constantly thinking about a place, finding inspiration and seeing opportunities. It makes you think daily about how you can make the world a better place and create a healthy and pleasant living environment. Places that are future-oriented for this ever-growing world: sustainable, nature-inclusive, healthy, and places that encourage encounters. Sometimes this can be a challenge. Not only because the tasks are becoming increasingly complex but also because the interests of our clients may vary. But this is precisely what makes my work incredibly interesting. I then feel the urge to present sound arguments and evidence to convince our client about what is right. And in doing so, we win not only the world but also our client. It allows us to work on ambitious projects both nationally and internationally. These projects led to discovering that our solutions can be applied in multiple places and that the innovation does not only lie in the technical solutions but also, for example, in the psychological aspect; the subtle and social interventions that make people really thrive in the place we have designed. I am happy to be working here with people with the same ambition and ideals when it comes to improving the living environment.