Skill City

  • Harbor Area
  • Urban Management
Rotterdam | The Netherlands

With an extraordinary ensemble of buildings, we contribute to Rotterdam’s most important task: providing affordable housing and workspaces. With flexible structures at the base, we create a place where people can work, produce, experiment and live; a unique and lively place in the city where it feels good to linger.

Client: Fullhouse vastgoed, ERA Contour
Year: 2021
Status: Initiative
Type: Area vision
Location: Merwe-Vierhavens, Rotterdam
Program: 330 dwellings, 6.600 m2 makerspace, 700 m2 community space (social), 1.500 m2 school, 2.500 m2 mobility hub
Urban planning: ECHO Urban Design
Landscape design: ECHO Urban Design
Architecture: MONK architecten

Enterprising, social, innovative, with a clear will of its own

Skill City allows us to turn a harbour workshop into a town with elevated residential neighbourhoods that are affordable, intertwined by a spectacle of alleyways, stairs, elevated streets, rooftop gardens, squares and bold indoor and outdoor spaces. In the plan, we maximise the experiential value and interaction between living, working and learning inside the building. On a scale-level, this building blends in with the surrounding buildings perfectly.
Skill city symbolises the possibility of creating your own unique place, in line with both one’s living experience and the living/working expectations in M4H: entrepreneurial, social, innovative and with a distinctive clear will.


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