Echo steps into the future with virtual reality (vr)

Within our field, we realise the crucial role of eye level in the design process. Therefore, we are diving deeper into this dimension with Virtual Reality (VR).

In collaboration with Delft University of Technology’s VR Lab, we have challenged ourselves to explore how we can enrich the design process using VR. This initiative goes beyond extending our design methodology; it offers stakeholders the unique opportunity to actually walk through our designs during participation sessions. We recently worked with the municipality of Harderwijk to virtually explore a sketch design for the Kranenburg project, where we were able to make adjustments in real-time.

The use of VR allows us to design on the flat surface as well as in 3D, revealing new details and points of interest. This greatly facilitates the choice between different designs and masses. We believe that this technological advancement allows us to take our designs to the next level to provide better solutions.