Off the ground!

AMAZING! One of those very special moments! How fantastic that our spectacular design for the Blinkert in Capelle aan den IJssel is now becoming a reality! What started with a won tender in 2020 is coming to fruition three years later! 180 homes in a semi-public landscape, of which 25% are social housing and 25% are affordable rentals.

The old open-air swimming pool of the Blinkert has been our inspiration to create an adventurous and challenging living landscape where living, staying, recreation, exercise, and sports take center stage. A continuous landscape that ecologically and scenically connects with the existing heemtuin (local garden) and encourages residents, passersby, and the athletes from the adjacent David Lloyd to move and engage in sports.

The buildings are designed with a nod to the 1970s swimming pool architecture that previously characterized the Blinkert. The elements, structures, and relics from the old indoor and outdoor pool have been literally reused in the design of the outdoor space.

Underneath the elevated landscape, 180 parking spaces have been realized. The rooftop landscape consists of a continuous ground up to 80 cm and a retention system with 10 cm of water buffering and pump irrigation in times of drought. In this way, we have been able to realize a project where 87 trees will be planted, and 56% of the plan is green and in (semi-) deepsoil. We will keep you informed during the construction and realization!