Transforming a metro-bus station with no sense of place into a station where transferring and waiting becomes a pleasant experience

Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

The metro and bus station will become a transport hub with an improved connection to the city centre, plenty of greenery and space for new project developments around the site. An attractive place that makes travelling more pleasant and encourages the use of public transport. A station area that will make residents feel proud.

Client: Municipality of Nissewaard
Year: 2017 – today
Partner: BRINK, Antea Group, Synchroon
Status: In development
Type: Development plan
Location: Spijkenisse
Surface area: 3 ha
Program: public space
Urban planning: De Zwarte Hond, Municipality of Nissewaard
Landscape design: ECHO urban design
Architecture: De Zwarte Hond
Credits renders: De Zwarte Hond
Our resonance

Attractive and functional public space

After careful analysis of the requirements and tasks around the station and research by a ‘street psychologist’, we produced a detailed design for redevelopment. The area is designed as a high-quality and robust station area with an enlarged ‘bus island’ with platforms all around. By paying attention to accessibility and the connections with the surroundings, the connection to the city center has been improved, a large bicycle parking facility has been designed and the parking lot has been transformed into a Park-and-ride. Compared to the current situation, the bus island will be safer, more accessible to different types of travelers and it will become greener. The island offers space for waiting comfort as well as space for flows of people who transfer.


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