Designed to escape the bustle of the city by using principles as freedom, community and ecology

Happy Days
Zoetermeer. The Netherlands

The city Council of Zoetermeer wanted to attract new residents and create something different among its existing suburban fabric. We answered their call by setting new standards for suburban living: a reimagined neighborhood design, completely different to traditional suburbs in the Netherlands. 

Client: ERA Contour
Year: 2017 – 2019
Status: Under construction
Type: Urban plan, development plan
Location: Zoetermeer
Program: 205 dwellings
Urban planning: ECHO urban design
Landscape design: ECHO urban design
Architecture: Mix Architecture, Kolpa Architecture
Our resonance


Happy Days is designed to escape the bustle of the city by using camping principles: freedom, community and ecology. We reconfigured the traditional suburban layout into a free-flowing concept. It enables vacation-like escapism, noticeable in every detail. Council and contemporary practicalities notwithstanding. Cars, parking, sidewalks and roads are all relocated to the outskirts of the plot. Private gardens are downsized to a minimum. We use the square footage gained to create an open collective, rolling, ecological landscape.

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