WIN! New assignment in Brielle

ECHO urban design and Kickstad are pleased with a new and challenging assignment for the Municipality of Voorne aan Zee. Just south of the historic fortified city of Brielle, nestled between various expansion districts, lies the area 'De Rickse Boomgaert'. This social community center houses, among other things, various (special) schools, a multifunctional sports center with a library, the regional archive, residential buildings, and a KPN data building. The area is currently fragmented, with ample space for car traffic and large parking lots. Coherence, spatial quality, and smart dual-use are lacking.

In the coming months, ECHO and Kickstad, together with the municipality, will engage in discussions with various stakeholders, residents, and neighbors to establish the area agenda for this region and to design a spatial (landscape) framework with accompanying visual quality principles and spatial guidelines. This approach creates coherence, quality, opportunities for dual-use of space, and room for new developments. The framework is designed to allow for various spatial scenarios to be considered.

We are especially proud to work on this task, as it underscores for us the importance of space for social community programs, their accessibility, and the significance of smart and dual-use of space. In zowel de gebouwen, als de buitenruimte!