Enthusiastic start

Chris, Kati, Juliette & Timon have six-month internships at ECHO in 2023. We asked these toppers how they experienced interning at ECHO.

Chris de Carpentier (Breda University of Applied Sciences), Kati Hartman(TU Delft), Juliette Feldbrugge (TU Delft) and Timon Heuvink (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) have already enthusiastically started their internships!

Timon and Kati particularly like the atmosphere at ECHO! “Within a short time we really became part of ECHO and the threshold to ask colleagues for help is very low here”. In addition, Chris and Juliette say they find the diversity of projects so interesting: “We learn something from many projects and it is precisely the different perspectives within the office that make the assignments very interesting”.