Market Interspaces

  • Industrial Heritage
  • Urban Design
Prague | Czech Republic

A place sandwiched between motorways and tram lines brought to life by businesses, shops, restaurants and creative industries. With this new area for entrepreneurs, visitors and surrounding neighbourhoods, we create a place that acts as an intermediary between the market and the environment. Historical relics and patterns serve as an inspiration and are incorporated into the design. The trick, of course, is to create space by preserving it.

Client: City of Prague
Year: 2021
Partner: Filippo Bolognese, VIVID Vision
Status: Competition (finalist)
Type: Development plan
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Surface area: 107.630 m2
Program: Public space
Urban planning: ECHO Urban Design
Landscape design: ECHO urban design, MTD Landscape Architects, YYYY Project: Landscape Architecture
Architecture: Mulder Zonderland

An integral sustainable urban design with plenty of room for social experiment

An integral design at both system and detail level with more space for greenery.
We transform the new factory into an open structure that emphasises and connects the typical features of the buildings. The design has 4 distinctive public spaces with different themes that injects the area with colour and identity but which people can use in different ways (water square, event square, catwalk and market hall). The outdoor space will be an open space where the natural and urban identity is well balanced. The wall surrounding the project has a hybrid function; a connector and landmark simultaneously, open-planned yet kept within the structure.

Cross-section of river to city


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