Nieuw Boekhorst

Masterplan, Urban Design & Landscape Design
Voorhout | The Netherlands

The neighbourhood becomes an integral part of the town centre because of its strong link to the town and the placement of town amenities. We achieve a robust green structure and add a community park, sports fields, school, an amenities cluster and 1,200 residences.

Client: Municipality of Teylingen
Year: 2021 – until now
Status: In development
Type: Area vision
Location: Voorhout
Program: 1.200 dwellings, 1.500 m2 local facilities, 2.500 m2 school, 10.000m2 organized sports, 20.000 unorganized sports
Urban planning: ECHO Urban Design
Landscape design: ECHO Urban Design
Urban design and landscape conditions

A sustainable, village-like, green and future-proof neighborhood

We produced an area vision in collaboration with the municipalities and developing parties. Through design research, we found the balance between housing expansion, developing natural values, space for the relationship between the district and the existing town, and sufficient room for public values. The result: a neighbourhood with a strong level of amenities and a good landscape network that only allows you to walk and cycle, and where there will be a lot of interaction between residents of all age groups. The neighbourhood features a significant stacked programme to include housing for empty-nesters and the elderly in a new residential area from the get-go. It enriches opportunities for housing careers throughout Voorhout.

Cross-sectional green pickle


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