Hart van Zuid

Urban Design and Landscape Design
Rotterdam | The Netherlands

We will transform this area into a vibrant district centre by strengthening the area programming with, for example, offices, educational facilities, day-care facilities, shops and a mobility hub, all of which will be accessible from a new city lounge.

Client: Bluehouse
Year: 2020 – 2021
Partner: HFB groep, Gemeente Rotterdam
Status: In development
Type: Master plan
Location: Rotterdam Zuid
Program: 36.000 m2 residential, 3.500 m2 commercial, 500 m2 catering, 10.000 m2 offices, 3.000 m2 parking
Urban planning: ECHO Urban Design
Architecture: MulderBlauw Architecten

A traversable area connected and interwoven with its surroundings.

We removed the barrier between Zuidplein and the surrounding neighbourhoods, and by expanding on the existing facilities available, we created even more reasons for people to come to Zuidplein. It became an integral quality impulse with increased urban activity on the border between the shopping mall and the city. We introduced a city lounge, creating a highly used place where the programmes meet on three layers, thus creating a vibrant semi-public space where people can meet for 16 hours per day.


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