User experience

To make a specific design more layered and more effective for the desired use, it is interesting to conduct design research based on user experience.Talk to people and find out through in-depth interviews, surveys and informal conversations what life looks like and what the wishes and needs are. Observe the location frequently to discover patterns, activities and situations. Document the insights in patternmaps, but also analyze and sketch the new design ideas at eye level.
Be aware that users have a radius of action at different scales. This creates different patterns and insights for example the daily route of a child in the neighbourhood or the use of outdoor space by students of a dance and theater school.
Superimpose the patterns and insights and examine whether places should have a more exclusive character or whether the opportunity of interaction and integration can arise. Keep asking yourself these questions throughout the design process. For whom is this intended and can interaction and multiple use of space and program be fruitfull for one and another.