Unravel systems

The workfield of Urban Design is layered, complex,
strategic, participative and interdisciplinary.
We go through a design process in which Urban
planning, Architecture and Landscape architecture
will be integrated. The process also exchanges
knowledge and information with other disciplines,
such as geography, landscape ecology, urban data
science and GIS, civil engineering, environmental
studies, urban sociology, environmental psychology,
economics, transport engineering, public
management and urban studies.
To provide overview and insight in the work, it can
help to structure the research and design in a
Natural, Technical and Social ecosystem. This layered
approach ensures that you to get an overview of
related themes and the influence of these on each
other.The trick is to be able to analyze and design
this layered approach separately and at the same
time be able to see and reflect on the whole as
an integral and powerful gesamtkunstwerk. This
iteration in layers provide clarity in the process
and can also be very useful for non-professionals
to keep the overview and understanding of the