How we tackle every aspect of your process

We are optimists. We know that it is possible to safeguard and improve the social and sustainable values of any new living environment. We also know that urban design projects are complex. During the process we act as strategic designers and consultants in order to unravel the complexity and define the first step.

We involve every possible party and challenge every party involved

Conflicting interests are the root of any new project. Embrace them. It’s not our job to iron out the wrinkles; but rather to point them out. We involve every possible party and challenge them to speak up. It is in the interest of the project that all the people seated at the table realise that they have an equal voice and a common goal.

Insight by design

Urban development is a dynamic process. It contains interdisciplinary design, but that is not the only goal. Designing is a guided way to get to the best possible solution. We set the goal at the very beginning. Then we start drawing. This helps to evolve the process, providing insight through design.

Dedicated teams

ECHO houses all the disciplines that are involved in urban design. We have landscape architects, urban designers, architects and project managers working together. You get a dedicated team. A strong and specialised team fully committed to your project.


Koen will take the time to figure this out together with you.